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Power of OUI
Juicy Couture Makeup
Juicy Couture - The New Limited Edition Fragrance

New Oui Glow Juicy Couture

Say OUI (Yes!) To Your Inner & Outer Glow!

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Water Lemon

Juicy Brazilian Orange

A bright burst of orange and raspberry gives an exhilarating burst of freshness!

Wild Tuberose

Luminous Jasmine

The heart comes through with luminous jasmine sambac, a wink of frangipani, and zesty pink pepper!

Techno Woods

Warm Vanilla

Seductive musks wrapped around vanilla create the ultimate addictive signature!

  • A0122281
    Award Winner
    New Arrival
    A0122283 $65.00 - A0122281 $105.00
  • A0115017
    A0115019 $65.00 - A0115017 $105.00
  • A0115024
    A0116501 $25.00 - A0115024 $45.00
  • A0122364
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  • A0121225
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    A0121225 $89.00 - A0121224 $109.00